Saturday, 30 June 2007

About me.

Hi guys. I am an older American gay guy. 70years of age, living in New Jersey. I am what some may call a silverdaddy, and prefer the company of other daddy types, mature bears and older gay men.
I got my first computer some 10 years ago, and though the internet seemed a very daunting experience to begin with and very younger orientated. I found that there was a section for older gay men and their admirers. I has always been rather closeted. But the internet allowed me to be a little more adventurous under a sort of anonimous cloak. I joined a couple of online groups such as apollonetwork and Caffmos, which seemd to offer a means of find new friends. These two website are still running today, Caffmos now being know as the Caffmos Community is a very popular and establisged contacts site for older men like myself and those who enjoy our company.
Many online communities have come and gone since then. Infact the gray and Pink dollar has caught many an enterprizing pocket to create some means of making money. But few last!
Ben Boxer was another great site in its time. Ben unfortunately passed on - a lovely guy and remembered with fondness. Chiron Rising was also a part of the scene for older gay men some 10 years ago. Today other than Caffmos, there is another group I support and partake in their gatherings as often as possible and that is "A Celebration of Friends" organised by Tomcat.

Perhaps those who visit this blog and can recall the online scene pre 2000 may add their memories. I will add more later and hope to read your reminiscings too! A geriatric Silverdaddy.